Virginia Readers' Choice Middle School Booklist for 2009-2010

Welcome to my site. The goal of the site is to connect students, teachers, and library media specialists with a collaborative tool that may be used to learn all about this year's Virginia Readers' Choice books. The site is interactive. Log on to discuss what you're reading. I'd like to know if your thoughts about the characters, themes, and plots differ from my own. There is a discussion page where you can post your thoughts. I'm in the midst of reading Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix, a wonderful writer who puts so much authenticity into her stories, you'd think she was actually there to see the events that she writes about in her books as they happened. My first discussion post is about the characters in the book. Have you read it yet? If so, comment of it. You'll also find links to author sites and book reviews. There is a Question page that can be used by students studying to compete in the spring Battle of the Books competition in Norfolk. The questions are my own, so it will only be coincidental if one of the questions that I post is asked during the competition. But, they make for good practice. Oh, and you'll also find Battle of the Books updates as they come in. Consider this your one-stop shopping site for all things VA Readers' Choice and B.O.B. However you chose to participate on this site, my wish is that you find information and thoughts that you find interesting enough to keep you coming back.